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Holiday Home Butter Glow Jar 16 oz Milkhouse candle

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Holiday Home Fragrance:   The perfect holiday combination of fresh red apple, cinnamon, clove, and a hint of pine. 

Our 16 oz mason jar is 100% paraffin-free soy candles are infused with pure beeswax for an unsurpassed burn time.  A lead-free double cotton wick is used to fill your home with fragrance and give you the best clean, soot-free candle experience possible. Premium Scented Candles: Our scented soy candles are blended with premium fragrance oils for maximum fragrance throw. Combined with our paraffin-free soy and beeswax, these candles will add a lovely ambiance and fragrance to almost any room.

MADE IN THE USA - Our company hails from a small Iowa town, and we stay close to our roots by using only wax made with soybeans grown in America's heartland.

Approx 65+ hours burn time! 16 oz candle – 2 wick


American Made

Our paraffin-free scented candles are made with pride in Iowa using premium sustainable soy wax infused with beeswax sourced from the Midwest.

Lead-free Cotton Wick Candle

Milkhouse's double-wick 16 oz candle is lead-free and is made of cotton to ensure a clean burn and that your candle will throw fragrance throughout your room. Be sure to trim your wick before each burn for the best experience.

Rich Smelling Scented Candle 

The rich, phthalate-free, fragrance combinations include the highest quality of natural oils blended with fragrance oils. 



Sustainable & Reusable


The reusable glass container is perfect for spices, office and bathroom supplies, or a beautiful plant when the candle is gone. The jar cleans up with hot water and dish

65 Hours

Our soy candles are infused with pure beeswax for a natural candle with 90 hours of unsurpassed burn.


Our paraffin-free soy and beeswax blend burns CLEAN and the omission of artificial dyes means fewer pollutants for your lungs.

Reasons to use our Soy Candles

  • Better for the Earth, sustainable product, reusable container
  • Extended Burn Time, soot free
  • Healthier for You, no toxic fumes are released